Building an Ecommerce Wedding Business

A little while ago I shared my story of how I got into the wedding industry. I didn’t have time then to tell the story of my second wedding business. But last month I had the opportunity to record a talk for a networking group I belong to. And I decided to talk about The … Read more

Making a Passion Pay: Profile Two Hearts Wedding Cars

When Graham Burford spotted a Rolls Royce for sale and wanted to buy it, his wife told him he’d need to make it pay for itself! Now Graham has 6 luxury cars and runs Two Hearts Wedding Cars in the beautiful English county of Buckinghamshire. How did you get started? I had seen a Rolls … Read more

Top Tips for Organising Your Work Space at Home

How to organise your Home Office and run your wedding business from home

For many wedding suppliers, running your business from home is the best option – especially when you are starting out. And even those that have premises – like florists or boutique owners – often find themselves doing some work there. As well as saving money, it can be a real benefit to your productivity and … Read more

Discounting your Wedding Services? Read this first!

Discount – it’s a dirty word for small business owners. But it’s one that most of us hear every week. When I ran my wedding stationery supplies business it was a frequent question. From “do you offer discounts for military personnel?” to “is that your best price?”. “No” and “Yes” were our standard answers! Just … Read more

Marketing not working? Try this 7 step marketing audit

Marketing your wedding business can be frustrating. Putting in lots of effort but just not getting results. It’s especially disheartening when you see other business owners claiming to be booked solid all year through Facebook/Instagram/Networking. Especially if you are trying the same things and getting nowhere. Firstly, remember that what you see on social media … Read more

Couple, Business Partners, Best Friends: James & Kerrie Photography

James & Kerrie Sapphire are a husband and wife team who are also the best of friends! Together they own James & Kerrie Photography. After 3 years building their business they are now fulfilling their dream of becoming full time photographers. Here they share their journey and top tips. What does your business do? We … Read more

Can you do your own wedding business SEO?

I love SEO – for me it’s the perfect combination of creative and analytical. Generating ideas for great content and backing that up with technical tweaks. And best of all – it works! It’s perfectly possible to do it yourself. When I ran The Wedding Crafter I achieved high Google rankings without ever bringing in … Read more

Mindful Time Management – How to beat stress and get organised

As a small business owner, time is one of the most valuable commodities. I’m always keen to learn new techniques to help me manage both my time and myself! So I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from Jo Howarth who runs a company called The Happiness Club. Her job is to teach people … Read more

Get Instagram Savvy – Live Q&A for Wedding Businesses

Sorry – you missed the Live Q&A session but you can still watch the replay. Click here to watch You’ll need to be a member of our Facebook Group to view it. ***** In the last year or so, Instagram has become the social platform for brides and grooms – and wedding professionals. But despite … Read more

Starting a Wedding Business: What I wish I had known

The wedding industry is unique in so many ways. It’s one of the things I love about it! But that uniqueness brings it’s own issues. A lot of the general small business advice you read needs to be adapted (not too much scope for repeat sales, for example). And there are some things you’ll only … Read more