Top Tips for Organising Your Work Space at Home

How to organise your Home Office and run your wedding business from home

For many wedding suppliers, running your business from home is the best option – especially when you are starting out. And even those that have premises – like florists or boutique owners – often find themselves doing some work there. As well as saving money, it can be a real benefit to your productivity and … Read more

Mindful Time Management – How to beat stress and get organised

As a small business owner, time is one of the most valuable commodities. I’m always keen to learn new techniques to help me manage both my time and myself! So I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from Jo Howarth who runs a company called The Happiness Club. Her job is to teach people … Read more

Paperless is the New Black

I’m delighted to welcome back Kellie Daab of iDo Collective with some more great tips for organising your wedding business – and a special freebie for you. Over to Kellie…….. But first let me take a selfie! Oh, and then I’m going to upload it to Google Drive, post it on social media, email it … Read more

Reviews – too important to leave to chance

Do have a strategy for reviews within your wedding business? No? You should do. Reviews are an increasingly important part of online life and can have a big impact on your business success. They can affect your visibility online and they certainly influence couples when they come to book their wedding suppliers. Where to get … Read more

Styled Wedding Shoots for Beginners

This is a transcript of a Live Question & Answer session. You can view the recording in our Facebook group, The Wedding Business Success Hub A few years ago nobody had ever heard of styled wedding shoots. Now they have become an important part of marketing for many wedding professionals. So what exactly are they, … Read more

How to Identify the Weak Link in Your Wedding Business

It’s often difficult to apply that third-eye view into your wedding business. We are intimately connected to our creative businesses in a way not commonly found in the corporate market. Most wedding businesses are small, single owner, and self-operated. Our businesses are our bread and butter and we hustle for every success we gain. Creative … Read more

It’s great to plan – but don’t forget to DO!

It’s the start of a New Year. The time we set our business and personal goals – and make resolutions to do better! And if you’re a sucker for pretty stationery (like me!) you’ve probably bought a nice, shiny planner and have spent a fair amount of time over the festive period writing in goals, … Read more

7 Ways to stay up to date with wedding industry trends

I’ve just been helping a client put together their predictions for wedding trends in 2017. Which always gets me thinking about what will be “big” and what will drift out of fashion. Within the wedding industry trends come and go and it’s vital that you keep up to date with what’s happening so that your … Read more

Learning to say No in your wedding business

It’s such a little word, but one that causes so much stress for wedding business owners. No To be really successful in the wedding industry you have to be a people pleaser. After all, we’re supposed to be helping couples achieve their dream day. But that desire to please, to go the extra mile and … Read more