Determining the Price for Your Wedding Planning Services in 2023

As a proficient wedding planner, one of the critical decisions you’ll need to make is how to price your services adequately. This decision can significantly impact your business and your clients’ satisfaction. This comprehensive guide will explore the different pricing models that you can adopt, the factors to consider, and how to evade common pricing … Read more

How to Attract the Perfect Clients for Your Wedding Planning Business

As a wedding planner, your clients are not just the individuals who finance your business operations but also an integral part of your business family. You will often find yourself emotionally invested in their success, laughing with them, celebrating with them, and digging deep into the details to ensure their dream wedding comes to life. … Read more

Why too many clients is just as bad as too few

When you are just starting out in your wedding business it’s easy to Yes to everyone. You worry about finding clients, you don’t know if enquiries will keep coming in and you are scared to turn away business. As a result, countless new businesses end up with too many clients. And when you have too … Read more

Communicating effectively with your wedding clients

Claire Ady is a wedding planner with an enviable niche – she plans weddings in Central Park, New York! Her clients come from all over the world so communication is vital. Here she shares her top tips for effective and efficient communication. Over to Claire: In January of 2011 I moved from my home in … Read more

Professional client consultations when you work from home

For many wedding professionals working from home has long been normal and accepted. The Wedding industry is one area where couples value personal, individual service over slickness and a big business vibe. And they also appreciate that home based businesses can keep costs down and prices affordable. So for many services they will not be … Read more

Are you a Winner or a Whiner?

Some of you may have seen this article last week about the New York hotel fining brides if any of their guests leave a negative review online. Outrageous? Yes. Bad PR? Definitely. Poor business practice? Certainly. Isolated case? Maybe not. I’m not saying fining unhappy customers is commonplace, but blaming everyone but yourself for your … Read more

Reviews – and why they are good for your wedding business

One year ago I was a newlywed. Now I’m in the market for a pram. Life changes fast – and so has our process for making decisions. Once upon a time, choosing a buggy would have been a simple question of style versus price. But from weight to wheel size, colour to collapsibility, there are … Read more

Dealing with unreasonable requests from brides

How to deal with unreasonable brides

Just about every wedding professional I know has a “daft request” story. There’s the unrealistic timescales. Couples who expect to be able to order a multi-tiered cake with just a few days notice. Or who ask a top rated videographer to film their wedding next weekend. And my favourite – the groom to be who … Read more

Customer Service via Social Media

As social media becomes a big part of our online marketing it’s very easy to get caught up in building fans and followers but are you offering customer service via social networks? For a wedding business, in an industry where reputation counts for so much, it’s essential that you don’t see social media as one-way … Read more

Do you make it easy to buy?

Do you make it easy to buy from you? So many wedding industry people are wonderfully creative but are not natural sales people. Most of us feel uncomfortable with pushy selling techniques, and they just won’t work for long with brides. But there are things you can do to make it easy for customers to … Read more