5 Online productivity tools for your wedding business

Cloud based computing – where software and applications are available over the Internet – has transformed business. And for small businesses the benefits are massive. Now the smallest enterprise can access the same computing tools that were previously only affordable by large companies. From accounting to graphics. Social media management to time sheets. The chances … Read more

SEO for your wedding business Part 3 – Authority

Link building for wedding website SEO

In this 3rd part of our series on SEO for your wedding business we’re going to look at the things you need to do to increase your website authority. In Part 2 we looked at making your website relevant. Website authority is all about getting Google to recognize your site as a good place to … Read more

SEO for your wedding business Part 2: Your Website

website optimisation for wedding businesses

In this second part of our series on search optimisation, we are going to look at your website and the things you can do to make sure Google thinks your website is relevant when your prospective customers search. Page relevance is a key factor in search rankings, so if someone is searching for a gluten … Read more

SEO for your wedding business Part 1: Keywords

Wedding business seo keywords

Are you ready to get more business from search engines? In an earlier article we took a high level look at getting your wedding business found on Google and search optimisation (or SEO). In this multi-part series, we’re going to take you through the steps of how to improve your search ranking, starting with choosing … Read more

Getting found on Google – a rough guide to search

Bride to be searching for wedding websites on Google

Blogs, social media, magazines, wedding fairs – there are so many ways to get your business in front of brides to be. But for many brides, the first place they are going to look is on Google. Whether they want bespoke vintage style stationery in Boston or cheap chair covers in London, they can type … Read more

7 common website mistakes – is your wedding business guilty?

A great website is just about your most important marketing tool. Whatever marketing activities you are using, at some point most of your clients and contacts will visit – and will judge you on – your website. It’s your online brochure, it’s the place to showcase your skills and it’s the key tool around which … Read more

What software should I use for my wedding business blog?

So you’ve decided to start a blog for your wedding business. Great! – blogging is one of the best things you can do to build a strong  online presence. But before you start on your first article, you need to find a home for your blog. Choosing a platform for your blog is an important … Read more

Does your wedding website work for mobile?

Have you checked your wedding business website on your mobile? With worldwide use of smartphones growing rapidly, mobile internet is something you can’t afford to ignore. I’m a recent convert to smartphones and I’m seriously impressed by the browsing capability on my Samsung Gallaxy S2. Figures say I’m not alone and more and more of … Read more

Bootstrapping your business – Great Productivity Tools

Bootstrapping – carrying out activities with minimum resources – is all too familiar to most small business and wedding start ups. Guest author Oli Wood of Wedding Tales talks about the productivity tools he has used to get his new business up and running. “Since founding www.weddingtales.co.uk in January we’ve made use of a whole … Read more