Keeping your wedding business website up to date

These days a great looking website is a must for any business and a wedding business is no exception. Today’s brides and grooms are extremely internet savvy and do much of their wedding planning online.┬áHave you had a critical look at your site recently? Is it looking a bit tired or outdated? Here are 5 … Read more

SEO for your wedding business – 5 top tips

SEO – or search engine optimisation, is all about getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings. It’s a complicated matter (some would say dark art!) and much too technical for most business owners. However, a good Google ranking can make or break your business so it’s not something that should be … Read more

What would you do if you lost all your computer files?

Hopefully you would get out your up-to-date backups, restore your files and carry on. Just imagine you are a wedding planner in the middle of a busy summer wedding season. All the data for your coming bookings and prospects is on your computer – dates, ceremony schedules, suppliers, bride’s names and addresses. And your computer … Read more

Your Wedding Business Website – 5 essential elements

You know that your website is key to successfully marketing your business. Today’s brides and grooms are highly internet savvy and use the web as a key planning tool. Even if they hear about you “offline” at fairs or in a magazine, you can be sure they will be checking your details on your website. … Read more