Does your wedding website work for mobile?

Have you checked your wedding business website on your mobile? With worldwide use of smartphones growing rapidly, mobile internet is something you can’t afford to ignore.

I’m a recent convert to smartphones and I’m seriously impressed by the browsing capability on my Samsung Gallaxy S2. Figures say I’m not alone and more and more of us are relying on phones for a lot of our internet use. So I decided to look at a few wedding business websites.

wedding website mobile

Many were pretty good, but those which had lots of images were slow to load and difficult to read. (Wedding Business Success wasn’t bad as we tend not to have lots of pictures on the front page).

Now, I’ve always assumed that having a mobile version of your website meant spending lots of money and was strictly for the big corporates. WRONG! I’ve discovered there are lots of tools out there which will help you create a mobile version of your site and many are free. If you have a blog with an RSS feed, you can very quickly and easily create a mobile version of your blog which is slick and impressive – check out Rock ‘n’ Roll bride on your computer and then your smartphone to see the difference. Other tools allow you to create a mobile version of your regular site.

This article from Mashable takes you through some of some of the options.

So check out your site on an iphone, blackberry and other smartphone (borrow a friend’s if necessary) and think about whether you should be going mobile.