7 Ways to build your Facebook page followers from zero

Whether you’re new in business and have just set up your Facebook page – or you’ve been neglecting yours for a while – gaining page followers is an important part of any Facebook marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter how great your content is – if you only have a handful of followers (and one is … Read more

5 Quick & Easy ways to use Video in your wedding business

We’re always being told that it’s important to incorporate video into our marketing. That today’s couples (the millennials everyone keeps talking about) are much more likely to respond to visuals and audio rather than text. But video can be daunting for the small business owner. Professional video means hiring in experts that are beyond the … Read more

Creating a Social Media Strategy for your Wedding Business

When you’re running a small business social media is everywhere. And there’s no shortage of advice across the internet – all those experts telling you that you MUST be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever their favourite happens to be. Not to mention those success stories telling how a business was built from nothing just … Read more

5 Ways to get great results from your wedding business blog

You know that a blog is good for your wedding business – it helps your Google rankings and allows you to showcase your talent and personality so that brides want to book you for their wedding. But to get those results you do need to do it well. So here are 5 top tips to … Read more

Why you need a marketing plan for your wedding business

I’m pretty good at planning and organising, but I must admit the thought of writing a marketing plan does not fill me with excitement. But I do one every year (and have done since I became self-employed in 2002) because I know just how important it is. 5 reasons you need a marketing plan 1. … Read more

Should you use Snapchat for your Wedding Business?

If you’ve been around as long as me, you’ve probably seen quite a few social media platforms come and go (Bebo anyone?). Today all the buzz seems to be around Snapchat. So inevitably, businesses are looking at ways they can use it as a marketing tool. For those who haven’t yet discovered it, check out … Read more

How to win at Wedding Awards (even if you don’t come first)

I’ve just completed my 4th year as Head Judge of the North of England Wedding Awards. And while judging is hard work, it’s also incredibly rewarding reading all the glowing testimonials the finalists have received from their couples. Awards don’t always get a good press (although it’s usually the people who didn’t win making the … Read more

It’s All About You – Creating a Fabulous About Page

When it comes to selecting wedding suppliers, couples are not just buying a product or service – they are choosing the people too. And that’s why the About page on your website is one of the most important. A great About Me/Us page lets people get to know you, like you and want you to … Read more

Advertising your wedding business on Instagram

Instagram advertising for wedding businesses

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks for wedding businesses. The very visual nature of the platform makes it perfect for those with gorgeousness to capture and share! And if you’re already using Instagram you’ll be aware that you can now advertise there too – you’re bound to have seen promoted content … Read more

7 Ways To Get Better Results From Your Facebook Page

Facebook is a massive entity – the 2nd most visited website worldwide, and by far the largest of the social networks with almost 1.6 billion monthly active users. For couples, it often forms a major part of their wedding planning and for businesses it represents a massive opportunity. But many wedding businesses struggle to use … Read more