It’s All About You – Creating a Fabulous About Page

When it comes to selecting wedding suppliers, couples are not just buying a product or service – they are choosing the people too.

And that’s why the About page on your website is one of the most important. A great About Me/Us page lets people get to know you, like you and want you to be involved with their wedding.

But too many businesses miss out by having pages that either repeat what they do, or are simply boring. This is not the place to talk about products and services – there are plenty of other pages for that.

Instead you want to talk about your philosophy, your story and why you are passionate about what you do.

And it’s not enough to say “I am passionate about Flowers/Cakes/Helping Brides achieve their dream day”, you have to convey that passion through the words and pictures you choose. So ditch the clichés, be yourself and share what makes you tick.

Some people advocate writing this page in the third person, but I prefer About pages which talk directly to the reader. Especially for individual wedding businesses. This is the one place on your website where you absolutely should be using “I”, “me”, “we” and “us”.

How to create an effective About page for your wedding business including 5 great examples.

Get Inspired

Here are some examples of About pages to inspire you – all very different but all give some real insight into the people behind the business.

Your Business

If your business is named after you, then people expect to find out about the person. Don’t be shy!


Your Wedding

If you started your business after planning your own wedding, then share that – after all, brides love real wedding stories.


Your Team

If you are more than a one-person business, then do introduce the rest of your team too. Who they are, what they do and what makes them tick.


Husband and wife videography team Old Bear Films get around the awkwardness of writing about yourself by describing each other.


Behind the scenes

Photos really bring your story to life and capture your personality. Get some really great images of yourself and your team at work and at play.


Of course, it helps if you are a photographer, but it’s not essential!


It doesn’t have to be long or complicated

Stylist Kate Cullen has taken snippets about herself and arranged them in a way that looks great, is easy to read and really captures her personality and style in just a few words.


If, like me, you find it really hard to write about yourself, then do consider employing a copywriter to do it for you. A good one will talk to you about all of the above and then put it into words that bring it to life.









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