Advertising your wedding business on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks for wedding businesses. The very visual nature of the platform makes it perfect for those with gorgeousness to capture and share!

And if you’re already using Instagram you’ll be aware that you can now advertise there too – you’re bound to have seen promoted content pop up. (If you are not already on there, check out this article on getting started)

So is Instagram advertising worthwhile for small businesses – or is it strictly for big brands?

How Instagram Advertising works

Instagram is owned by Facebook so you manage your Instagram advertising within Facebook.

Which means that you have access to all the targeting options that Facebook offers, such as location, gender, relationship status and interests. This, plus the ability to set a low daily budget, makes it very accessible for smaller businesses.

When you set up an advert on Facebook you’ll be given the option of showing it on Instagram too. Or you can choose to only show on Instagram.

This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know to get started.

When to use Instagram Advertising

To kickstart your Instagram account. If you are just starting out on Instagram it’s good to build your followers quickly – nobody wants to appear unloved! So use a short advertising burst to grow your fanbase.

To introduce a special offer, new collection or publicise an event. Use advertising to ensure more people see the posts that really matter to you.

How to get started with Instagram Advertising for your wedding business

Good to Know

Standard Instagram posts don’t allow links but promoted posts do, so viewers can click through to your website directly from your Instagram advert – no need to go to your profile to find a link.

Clicks on Instagram generally cost more than on Facebook – I’m told by the FB advertising team that this is because advertising space on Instagram is much more limited.

Your images must be top-notch. Instagram is a very visual platform so take extra care to only use the best when advertising. The advert manager lets you run split tests – testing one image against another to see which works best – and this is highly recommended.

I find it works best to keep your Facebook and Instagram adverts separate. You can create different ad sets within the same campaign if you are promoting the same event/collection etc to the same audience, but you should tailor your images and message specifically for each platform.

Facebook ads manager can seem a bit daunting. Once you know your way around it, it’s quite straightforward, but you may want to ask a social media expert to help you set up your first advertising campaign.