Handling problem emails

However brilliant you and your products are, at some time every business owner will be faced with an email from an unhappy customer. There’s that sinking feeling you get when you open a ranting email – often made worse for a wedding business with the emotions involved (“You ruined my day…….”). Try these top tips … Read more

Tricky Bridal Clients – and how to deal with them

We’ve all come across them – the brides to be who think that when they hire your services you become their servant – dedicated entirely to meeting their every demand. The girl who orders personalised stationery, changes her mind after delivery and insists she is entitled to a full refund. The bride who thinks nothing … Read more

How to improve the wedding industry’s reputation

Go onto any wedding forum and you will find lots of rants from brides-to-be about the wedding industry – poor service, rude staff, cancelled bookings and, of course, the number one favourite – cost. Is our industry really that bad? The high profile demise of Wrap-it last year plus stories like this don’t help. Equally, … Read more