Customer Service via Social Media

As social media becomes a big part of our online marketing it’s very easy to get caught up in building fans and followers but are you offering customer service via social networks?

For a wedding business, in an industry where reputation counts for so much, it’s essential that you don’t see social media as one-way traffic. You need to be responding to customers promptly and professionally whichever way they choose to contact you.

1. Monitor

Set up searches for your twitter name and brand name so that you know when people mention you.

Google alerts will let you know when you are mentioned on blogs and forums.

Check the activity on your Facebook page regularly.

2. Respond

Thank and acknowledge anyone who is good enough to say something positive about your business.

Ensure questions are answered as quickly as possible – if you need to check something, acknowledge the question and give an estimated timescale for a full reply.

Reply sensitively and professionally if a comment is negative. Try to move the conversation to email/telephone to make it private while you resolve. Never get into an argument via social media.

3. Avoid pitfalls

Remember that social media is public. Respect your customer’s privacy.

If someone says something negative, resist the temptation to delete the comment even if you can. Only use this option if the comment is abusive or offensive.