What would you do if you lost all your computer files?

Hopefully you would get out your up-to-date backups, restore your files and carry on. Just imagine you are a wedding planner in the middle of a busy summer wedding season. All the data for your coming bookings and prospects is on your computer – dates, ceremony schedules, suppliers, bride’s names and addresses. And your computer … Read more

Cake Wrecks – fun website of the month

This is my favourite coffee break site – the one I turn to when I’m tired and need a good laugh. Cake Wrecks features some of the most bizarre and disastrous cakes. Put “wedding” into the search and you will find all sorts of goodies, including a wedding cake with skulls, lego inspired cakes and … Read more

No cost wedding marketing ideas

Just because your marketing budget is down to zero doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting your business. Marketing is an investment – the more you put in the more you (should) get out – and money is not the only thing you can invest. Here are 8 ideas that will cost you almost nothing in … Read more

Your Wedding Business Website – 5 essential elements

You know that your website is key to successfully marketing your business. Today’s brides and grooms are highly internet savvy and use the web as a key planning tool. Even if they hear about you “offline” at fairs or in a magazine, you can be sure they will be checking your details on your website. … Read more

Excessive Weddings – 9 you wouldn’t want to miss

Let’s face it, we love reading about over-the-top celebrity weddings with more budget than style – I will confess to being a secret OK! reader when waiting at the hairdressers. But the Wall Street Journal isn’t necessarily the first place I’d look. But this month they give the gossip on some of the most extravagant nuptials in … Read more

Starting a wedding business from home

Many wedding businesses are very suitable to run from home. With low overheads and the flexibility to work around family and other commitments it’s often a sensible choice, particularly when starting out. As an added plus, couples appreciate being able to make evening or weekend appointments with suppliers and this can be much easier to manage … Read more

Maximise the potential of the credit crunch

If you follow the media, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all doom and gloom and the credit crunch means small businesses may as well give up now! The reality is that many wedding businesses are thriving and the current economic situation represents a real opportunity. Although unemployment is rising, many people have more … Read more

Have you ever done a shrek themed wedding?

We’ve probably all come across wedding themes that struck us as a little bit different, but maybe not as original as this couple who decided to get married dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona. However, the bride couldn’t persuade her teenage son to dress up as the Donkey!

Time for a Spring Clean?

Do you get frustrated when you are stuck behind a queue of traffic?  Do you get impatient when you are waiting for your luggage to appear on the airport carousel?  Obstacles that get in your way can drive you mad; you can’t get to your meeting until the queue has cleared; and you can’t get … Read more

How to improve the wedding industry’s reputation

Go onto any wedding forum and you will find lots of rants from brides-to-be about the wedding industry – poor service, rude staff, cancelled bookings and, of course, the number one favourite – cost. Is our industry really that bad? The high profile demise of Wrap-it last year plus stories like this don’t help. Equally, … Read more