Excessive Weddings – 9 you wouldn’t want to miss

Let’s face it, we love reading about over-the-top celebrity weddings with more budget than style – I will confess to being a secret OK! reader when waiting at the hairdressers. But the Wall Street Journal isn’t necessarily the first place I’d look.

But this month they give the gossip on some of the most extravagant nuptials in history – royalty, sheiks, entertainers – none escape the spotlight. And just to reassure those of us who deal with slightly more mundane budgets, a good few of them resulted in even more expensive divorces.

So if you want the inside information on whose wedding cost $90 million, which 50 year old died the morning after wedding his 16 year old bride and who built a stadium specially to host the festivities at his son’s wedding, read the full artcile here.