Starting a Wedding Business: What I wish I had known

The wedding industry is unique in so many ways. It’s one of the things I love about it! But that uniqueness brings it’s own issues. A lot of the general small business advice you read needs to be adapted (not too much scope for repeat sales, for example). And there are some things you’ll only … Read more

How I started in the Wedding Industry – Alison’s Story

In the first in a new series, wedding business owners tell us how they got into the wedding industry. I’m starting with my own story……. It’s fair to say that I fell in love with flowers first, not the wedding industry. My parents were solid public servants (civil servant and teacher). There’s absolutely no entrepreneurship … Read more

Bootstrapping your wedding business start-up

When it comes to starting a wedding business most of us have bucketloads of passion, creativity and energy – but not much hard cash. Welcome to small business bootstrapping! What is bootstrapping? It’s a term used to describe starting a business with limited funds and certainly no outside investment.  Basically, it’s all about being thrifty … Read more

Fantastic feedback & devious doubters– my first year in business

Jana Svalbe had a successful career in finance but gave it up to follow her dream of owning a bridal boutique with a difference. Her first year has seen amazing highs – and a tough lesson in the challenges of innovation in an established wedding industry. Here’s Jana’s story: What do you do? MODE Bridal … Read more

Diary of a New Wedding Photographer – Part 2

In the second instalment of his diary, our new wedding photographer, Mike Riley tells us how he’s been spending the winter months – and how his hard work is starting to pay off. Over to Mike……. Since I last spoke to you back in November of last year I’ve been hard at work on the … Read more

4 Ways to get your wedding business started

Dream of working in the wedding industry

Do you dream of working in the wedding industry? I regularly receive emails from people who’d love to own a wedding business but don’t know where to begin. Often they’ve recently organised their own wedding and enjoyed it so much they don’t want to stop. Many successful wedding businesses started this way, but, while planning … Read more

Diary of a New Wedding Photographer – Part 1

I’m really excited to bring you this new feature where we follow the progress of Mike Riley as he starts out as a wedding photographer. Mike will be sharing his experiences over the next 12 months and giving a “warts and all” description of life as a newcomer to the wedding industry. In his first … Read more

How to Succeed in an Overcrowded Market

“Don’t do it!” That was the response I received from one wedding photographer when I asked my Twitter followers what advice they would give to someone starting out in the wedding industry. The reason – the market is saturated with photographers all competing for a limited amount of business. And there is no doubt that … Read more

Start a wedding photography business

wedding photographer

Many people dream of turning their photography hobby into a thriving wedding business. You love taking photos of people – you’ve maybe taken some shots at a family wedding and everyone said how great they were. So how do you take your passion and create a successful (and profitable) business? Is it for you? Do … Read more

A passion for British Flowers – my first year in business

Hannah Walker from Bride and Bloom has had an exciting 18 months – becoming a mum, moving out of London and starting a new business! Here she talks to us about her first year in business and the lessons she’s learned. What do you do? A job I love! I provide a very personal and … Read more