Keeping your wedding business website up to date

These days a great looking website is a must for any business and a wedding business is no exception. Today’s brides and grooms are extremely internet savvy and do much of their wedding planning online.┬áHave you had a critical look at your site recently? Is it looking a bit tired or outdated? Here are 5 tips to make┬ásure your website still looks fresh and up-to-date.

Products and Services

You should regularly review your website to make sure it accurately reflects your business. Are the prices correct? Are you showcasing a design which is now discontinued? Have you added a new service which isn’t mentioned? Are your links up to date? Go through EVERY page, click on EVERY link. Take your time and make a note of all the little niggles which need sorting. If possible ask a friend to do the same – an outsider’s eye can reveal lots of things which you may not notice.


If you have a blog, make sure you post regularly – it doesn’t have to be ultra frequently, but if your last entry was 2 years ago, potential customers may wonder if you are still in business! Set a schedule you can stick to – like monthly – and be disciplined.


Do your photographs reflect the latest trends? Did you do a fantastic event last year which you are not showing? Great photos really sell your business, so replace any which are not up to scratch.

Social Networking

If you have started using social networking to market your business such as twitter and facebook, make sure you have links on your main site. A social networking tool bar allows visitors to save and share your site and it is now possible to share content between applications – like displaying your latest tweets on your website. Have a word with your web developer about the options.


Like your blog entries, your testimonials should be updated regularly, especially if you are displaying the date.

A small amount of time and money spent every year on your website will ensure it is accurate and fresh looking for both existing and future customers, helping you to generate and convert more business.