How to write a blog for your wedding business

Creating and updating a wedding business blog to run alongside your main website is great for getting more traffic to your website, it’s free and once you get started it is easy. Many wedding businesses get it right and just as many get it wrong: some wedding business bloggers are too ambitious, struggle to stay … Read more

Email marketing for wedding business – Basics

Even in this age of social media, email marketing should still be an important part of your strategy. In this first of a series, we look at the why and what of using email to build your business.   Why should you use email marketing? Done well, email marketing is very cost-effective and can be … Read more

What’s your social media strategy?

Whatever you think about social media – Twitter, Facebook, Blogging etc – it is becoming an increasingly important business tool and one which is certainly relevant to the wedding industry with it’s young, internet savvy client base. Successfully using social media comes at a cost – it is time consuming and you have to give up … Read more

Partnership Marketing: from Cocktail Napkin to Sale

Partnership Marketing begins with a cocktail napkin. More specifically, the one I used to grab from a Hotel lounge while meeting with prospective brides to book said Hotel. Every conversation starts the same- Hello. Congratulations on your engagement. What are you looking for in a wedding reception venue? Then, the inevitable question- Have you booked … Read more

Wedding Fair Return Calculator

Thinking about attending wedding fairs to promote your wedding business? Before you book your stand and start planning your booth, use this calculator to work out the volume of business you need to attract to make it worthwhile. To use the Wedding Fair Return on Investment calculator, simply download the excel spreadsheet and enter your … Read more

Advertising in Wedding Magazines – Part 4

In the final part of our series on advertising in wedding magazines we look at how to measure your results. I’m sure you have heard the cliché “We know half of our advertising doesn’t work but we don’t know which half”. If you are going to spend money on print advertising make sure you know … Read more

Advertising in wedding magazines – Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 we covered the planning stages of your print advertising campaign. Now it’s time to look at designing your advert. You have less than a second to grab the reader’s attention as they browse the page, so how go you make sure your advert stands out from the crowd? 1. Write … Read more

Advertising in wedding magazines – Part 2

In part 1 we looked at the reasons for advertising in wedding magazines. Now you have decided to go ahead, in part 2 we take you through the steps involved in planning your print advertising campaign. We’ll discuss selecting which magazines, choosing between one-off adverts or booking a series and negotiating with the publishers. Choosing … Read more

Advertising in Wedding Magazines – Part 1

marketing wedding business

Seeing your business advert in a glossy magazine is lovely, but does it bring you results? In these days of Twitter, Blogs and Pay-per-click is traditional print advertising dead? In this series, we look at the ins and outs of wedding/bridal magazine advertising. Should you do it? How to get the best results and how … Read more

No cost wedding marketing ideas

Just because your marketing budget is down to zero doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting your business. Marketing is an investment – the more you put in the more you (should) get out – and money is not the only thing you can invest. Here are 8 ideas that will cost you almost nothing in … Read more