How to write a blog for your wedding business

Creating and updating a wedding business blog to run alongside your main website is great for getting more traffic to your website, it’s free and once you get started it is easy. Many wedding businesses get it right and just as many get it wrong: some wedding business bloggers are too ambitious, struggle to stay focused on the objectives of their blog or are put off by the amount of work they think is involved. Top wedding blogger Claire Gould shows you what a wedding blog should do and how to stay on track!

How to blog your wedding business

– Get a free blog with one of the free platforms or (there are other options; if you pay (less than £10) for a domain of your own you can blog with which requires a bit more techy capability to get started but gives more flexibility with designs and widgets)

– Update your wedding business blog weekly. That’s all you need – enough to keep readers interested, and enough to show Google your blog is active and interesting. There’s really no need to update more often than that.

– Keep it simple. Write short blog posts with plenty of pictures and a little advice. Long, rambling posts take ages and lose readers’ interest. Simple is best!


Top tips: efficient wedding business blogging

– Be conscious of how much time you’re spending on your wedding business blog. You’re already really busy so keep time wasted to a minimum. Write a few short posts in one sitting and schedule them to be published on your blog once a week.

– Write better so your blog works harder.  Have your keywords stuck on a wall somewhere: “vintage wedding invites” for example should appear in your titles, in the first paragraph of your blog post, in headings within your posts, image captions and links.

– Use calls to action – it’s easy to write a post about your latest design, describing the process and showing off your gorgeous work in pictures, but remember why you’re writing your wedding business blog and add a call to action at the end: “call us for a sample today” or “come and see us at the wedding fair”.

– Link your wedding business blog to twitter and facebook with simple apps provided by the social media sites. With a few clicks you can set up your blog to automatically post your updates on your social networks.

Stay on track to get results

– Stay focused on your topic: if you’re a wedding calligrapher don’t write about the latest wedding dress designs you’ve fallen in love with. Your wedding business blog is for promoting your business, anything else will distract both you and your readers

– Understand there’s a difference between a wedding blog and a wedding business blog. Don’t try to imitate Rock n Roll Bride if all you want is to create traffic for your wedding invitation website – write about your designs and your business, and nothing else.

– Make your wedding business blog work alongside your website. Use a similar colour scheme, plenty of links between the two sites and perhaps a little menu of links to click through to sections of your website. Imagine your main website as a bicycle and your wedding business blog as the pedals that make it go!


Claire Gould is editor of the English Wedding blog – recently voted one of the top 10 UK wedding blogs and a respected resource for brides, grooms and wedding suppliers. As a full time wedding calligrapher, Claire draws on her Marketing degree to promote her own business. Sharing these ideas with fellow wedding industry professionals is a labour of love and very much a part of the success of English Wedding. Follow Claire on Twitter.