Getting found on Etsy – SEO tips for wedding businesses

Selling wedding stationery on Etsy

Beth Cote from B.designs Paper runs an Etsy business specializing in wedding stationery. She sells both printed and DIY pdf files. Here she shares some of the lessons she has learned over the years.  Over to Beth…… I have run our store for about seven years now and have seen a lot of changes and … Read more

Selling success with Etsy – Profile of Grin, Grimace & Squeak

Karen & Rich of Grin, Grimace & Squeak sell their fabulous masks around the world. Here they tell us how they use Etsy to build their business – and how they landed their dream order for a wedding party in India. What does your business do? We design and make masquerade masks and accessories. Around … Read more

Online marketplaces – beginners guide for wedding suppliers

If you’re a wedding business selling products online – stationery, favours, accessories, dresses for example – then you will know how hard it can be to get customers to your online shop. The top Google rankings are taken by big brands, you don’t understand how paid search works (and you know it can be expensive) … Read more