Keeping Up With Wedding Industry Trends

In the wedding industry it’s vital to keep up to date with trends and to keep one eye on the future. While all things vintage may be hot right now, you can be certain that in a couple of years, it will be something different. Make sure that you are not left behind and that … Read more

Exit Strategy – What happens when you can’t carry on?

Do you have an exit strategy for your wedding business? Having recently sold my own business, this is something I’ve had to think about a lot recently. I can hear many of you shouting “I’ve only just set up, I’m not thinking about shutting down”.  But, in fact, you don’t need one exit strategy – … Read more

Researching a new wedding business

You’ve got the ideas, the talent and the enthusiasm, but before you jump right in make sure you are well prepared. For those thinking of starting a new business one of the most common phrases heard is “Do your homework”. Sound advice, but what exactly does it mean? Follow our market research guide to give … Read more

5 Ways to recover your mojo

The last couple of years have been tough for many small businesses. While working all hours and pouring over your cashflow, margins and marketing plans has made you one of the survivors, you are probably feeling in need of a boost to find the enthusiasm and creativity that made you start out in the first … Read more

Avoiding burnout – top tips for wedding professionals

We all know that starting your own business is exciting, but stressful. And that excitiement can take you a long way. But to be successful in the long term you need to make sure that you don’t end up with just the stress. And let’s face it, working with brides to be can be just … Read more

How much do you think you are worth?

Have you worked out how much you value yourself recently? If you intend to have a business rather than simply making some money from a hobby, then putting a value on your time is an essential part of your pricing and business planning. Creative people frequently underestimate the time and effort involved in creating their … Read more

Starting a wedding business from home

Many wedding businesses are very suitable to run from home. With low overheads and the flexibility to work around family and other commitments it’s often a sensible choice, particularly when starting out. As an added plus, couples appreciate being able to make evening or weekend appointments with suppliers and this can be much easier to manage … Read more

Maximise the potential of the credit crunch

If you follow the media, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s all doom and gloom and the credit crunch means small businesses may as well give up now! The reality is that many wedding businesses are thriving and the current economic situation represents a real opportunity. Although unemployment is rising, many people have more … Read more

Time for a Spring Clean?

Do you get frustrated when you are stuck behind a queue of traffic?  Do you get impatient when you are waiting for your luggage to appear on the airport carousel?  Obstacles that get in your way can drive you mad; you can’t get to your meeting until the queue has cleared; and you can’t get … Read more

Working in the Wedding Industry

Latest figures show there were just over 230,000 weddings in the UK in 2007 with brides spending on average around £15,000 (depending on which survey you read!). That’s a lot of money and there are plenty of businesses to help couples spend it. A very unscientific browse through gives 36,000 businesses listed under wedding … Read more