5 Ways to recover your mojo

The last couple of years have been tough for many small businesses.

While working all hours and pouring over your cashflow, margins and marketing plans has made you one of the survivors, you are probably feeling in need of a boost to find the enthusiasm and creativity that made you start out in the first place.

Here are our top tips to help you get back on track and ready to take full advantage of the upturn.

Tackle all those outstanding  tasks

If you’re like me you will have a whole lot of tasks which need to be done but never quite make it to the top of your to-do list. Spend a day blitzing through them.


A good clear out of your desk and work area will cheer you up and prepare you for moving forward.

Go for a long walk

Fresh air and exercise are great for clearing the mind and leaving you tired but relaxed.

Try something different.

Have a go at something creative, but different from your normal line of work. Try painting, jewellery making, home baking (unless you are a cake maker!) – anything that you’ve always wanted to try.  With no pressure, you could find the ideas starting to flow again.

Give yourself a BIG pat on the back

Remind yourself of all the things you have achieved and give yourself a treat. (My favourite is to go for a spa treatment.)

Hopefully you will now be raring to go and brimful of great ideas to take your business forward. Enjoy!