Avoiding burnout – top tips for wedding professionals

We all know that starting your own business is exciting, but stressful. And that excitiement can take you a long way. But to be successful in the long term you need to make sure that you don’t end up with just the stress. And let’s face it, working with brides to be can be just a little stressful from time to time!

Burnout is a major cause of business failure. Overloaded owners simply walk away because they can’t take any more – often with serious financial and emotional implications. Make sure you don’t join them by looking after yourself from day 1. Here are our top tips:

Schedule time off in your weekly plan

Time management is crucial in avoiding stress and it’s just as important to manage your leisure time (yes, you MUST have some leisure time!).

Switch off or divert your phone to an answering service. Don’t dare check your emails. Allow yourself to spend quality time with your partner, family, friends or just yourself on a regular basis – all of you will benefit.

Get a good support team

So many wedding businesses are built around the owner – and that personal service is a key part of your success. But you can’t do everything yourself. Have a good look at which parts of your activities you can delegate – it could be hiring a virtual assistant to answer the telephone or using a bookeeper to do the accounts.

Look at your non-business activities as well – could getting a cleaner or babysitter to take over some of your home commitments free up your valuable time for marketing?

And make sure your family and friends know the best ways they can help you (this can be moral support rather than actual work).

Book your vacation

You will know which parts of the year are quiet for you, so schedule some holidays.

But don’t just pencil it in your diary, make a booking. Call the travel agent, book on-line – really commit to taking the time off. It’s too easy to put it off if you haven’t made firm reservations. But if you stand to lose your deposit or booking fee, you’ll make sure you make the trip.

Even if it’s only a long weekend, getting some time away will help you clear your head, put things in perspective and you will come back with lots of fresh ideas..

Pay attention to your health

Eat properly, make sure you find time to exercise and get a good night’s sleep.

Treat yourself

Have a list of treats and reward yourself. When things go well, when you complete something you’ve been dreading, when you meet your goals. They can be little things – meeting a friend for coffee, listening to your favourite music for an hour. Looking after yourself and enjoying being a business owner will help ensure you are successful in the long term.