Top Tips for Organising Your Work Space at Home

How to organise your Home Office and run your wedding business from home

For many wedding suppliers, running your business from home is the best option – especially when you are starting out. And even those that have premises – like florists or boutique owners – often find themselves doing some work there. As well as saving money, it can be a real benefit to your productivity and … Read more

Professional client consultations when you work from home

For many wedding professionals working from home has long been normal and accepted. The Wedding industry is one area where couples value personal, individual service over slickness and a big business vibe. And they also appreciate that home based businesses can keep costs down and prices affordable. So for many services they will not be … Read more

5 Wedding Business mistakes that make you look amateur

For many wedding businesses, being small is a plus point. Brides and grooms really appreciate the individual attention and personalised service they get from wedding suppliers who are passionate about what they do and are not just employed by a big company. But being small and personal doesn’t mean you can get away with being … Read more

Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone

Are you losing customers because it’s hard to contact you? Attracting prospects for your wedding business is hard enough, so it’s vital that when people want to get in touch, they can contact you quickly and easily. If they can’t, they’ll simply move on to the next supplier. While many brides will email, some will … Read more

Start a Wedding Cake Business

You’re a skilled baker and love all things sugar and chocolate. You’re the person friends and family call on when they need a birthday or celebration cake, so could you expand into wedding cake making and build a business from your talent? Things to consider: You must understand and conform to local hygiene regulations. Unless … Read more

Starting a wedding business from home

Many wedding businesses are very suitable to run from home. With low overheads and the flexibility to work around family and other commitments it’s often a sensible choice, particularly when starting out. As an added plus, couples appreciate being able to make evening or weekend appointments with suppliers and this can be much easier to manage … Read more