Remarketing – beginners guide for wedding businesses.

Remarketing (or Retargeting) is one of the latest buzzwords around online marketing. But what exactly is it – and is it relevant for your wedding business? Even if you haven’t heard about remarketing, you’ll certainly have seen it in action. Noticed how some businesses seem to follow you all everywhere you go on the internet? … Read more

Google Adwords – a beginners guide for wedding businesses

google adwords

You’ve probably seen the adverts from Google about Adwords and how it’s a good way to get more business. Often with a promotional code giving you free advertising to get you started. So is Adwords a good idea for wedding businesses? Here’s our beginners guide with tops tips and some pitfalls to look out for. … Read more

Advertising your Wedding Business Online

advertising your wedding business online

There’s lots you can do to promote your business online without it costing anything except your time. But time is also a precious resource and you need to spend it as wisely as you do your cash, so it’s always worth considering paid advertising options too. Here’s an overview of the main options: Paid Search. … Read more