Remarketing – beginners guide for wedding businesses.

Remarketing (or Retargeting) is one of the latest buzzwords around online marketing.

But what exactly is it – and is it relevant for your wedding business?

Even if you haven’t heard about remarketing, you’ll certainly have seen it in action. Noticed how some businesses seem to follow you all everywhere you go on the internet? That’s remarketing.

It’s growing fast – and that’s because it works.

It’s especially valuable where potential customers are likely to do lots of browsing before they make a decision. Making it very relevant for weddings.

How does Remarketing work?

Remarketing uses cookies. When you visit a website the site places a cookie on your computer so it can recognise you later and show you adverts as you browse other sites – including Facebook.

Remarketing doesn’t have to be complex (although it can be extremely sophisticated and powerful). Which makes it very accessible for small businesses.

The two flavours you’ll hear about most are Google Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing.


Facebook remarketing makes it easy to show FB adverts to people who have already visited your website.

This is a great way to get website visitors to Like your Facebook without distracting them while they are on your site. You can then use your Facebook page to engage with them until they are ready to make a booking.

You use the Facebook remarketing pixel to create a “Custom Audience” on Facebook. You can then show adverts to this audience knowing that you are reaching people who are already interested in you. Read the Facebook help page for details.

Even better, Facebook lets you create a “Lookalike Audience”. People with similar characteristics to the people on your custom audience. So you can target more potential customers.

To get the most from this you need to be active on Facebook (and create compelling adverts that will distract people from their friends and all those cute cat videos).


Google remarketing is run through Google Adwords.

Audience bid Adjustments

If you are running Text or Shopping campaigns in Adwords, remarketing lets you bid higher (or lower) for people who have previously visited your website. You’ll often find these visitors convert better so you can afford to pay a little more to get them back to your site.

Dynamic Remarketing

Google’s dynamic remarketing enables you to display adverts for your business on other sites tailored according to what people did while on your website. This can be a simple advert – or something more complex tailored to the specific pages people visited.

What is remarketing - and how you can use it even in a small wedding business

Is remarketing for you?

Remarketing is all about maximising the value of website visitors. It won’t help if your main issue is getting visitors to the site in the first place.

You do need to have reasonable volumes of traffic to your website for remarketing to work – otherwise your audience will be too small.

Think about remarketing if:

  • You already have a well performing website but feel you could convert more browsers into business
  • You already run Google Adwords and/or Google Shopping campaigns
  • You have a popular blog but struggle to get people onto your services/product pages

If you have used remarketing we’d love to hear from you. Please comment below or on our Facebook page