I halved my to-do list in one afternoon

Sunday is the day I generally catch up on work. I’ve been working a lot of Sundays recently. March has been a brilliant month for me, with some great new clients, some interesting challenges from existing clients plus some exciting possibilities on the horizon. So why was I feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted? One glimpse … Read more

5 of the Best Small Business Books

I’ve always loved books. From as early as I can remember I’ve had a book in my hand, by my bed (and, yes, in the bath!). These days it’s more likely to be my Kindle that’s never far from my side, but nothing quite beats the feel of a proper printed book. While podcasts, videos … Read more

7 Mistakes that mean your business goals will fail

With the start of a New Year comes lots of advice on setting goals for your business. Everyone talks about the importance of goal setting and they pull out the statistics that tell you that people who set goals are a billion times more successful than those who don’t (I may be exaggerating here slightly…..). … Read more

Why you need a vacation – and how to organise it

Running your own business can be all-consuming. So it’s vital that you look after yourself properly and that means taking regular breaks. It’s not only good for your health, but taking time away from the business will refresh your thinking, giving you new perspective on problems and allowing you to step away from the day … Read more

Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone

Are you losing customers because it’s hard to contact you? Attracting prospects for your wedding business is hard enough, so it’s vital that when people want to get in touch, they can contact you quickly and easily. If they can’t, they’ll simply move on to the next supplier. While many brides will email, some will … Read more

5 Tips for working with budget brides

There’s plenty of advice out there for wedding businesses who want to work with more “high end brides”. And, of course, that’s a great aspiration – higher margins, more creative scope. But it’s also highly competitive, so don’t overlook the potential of targeting budget brides – after all there are a lot more of them! … Read more

Undercharging – the big issue for the wedding industry

“One of the biggest issues in the wedding industry is undercharging”. I was chatting to a friend about this blog when I made that statement and she just looked at me in amazement. Like so many of her generation (today’s brides to be), she automatically associated weddings with rip-off prices and overcharging. But when I … Read more

New wave wedding vendors – 5 new types of wedding business

There’s something very traditional about weddings. With customs and etiquette that have been passed down through the generations. But the wedding industry is also incredibly innovative – adapting to changes in fashion, lifestyles and society with speed and creativity. Every year we see new trends and new types of wedding services appear. Some burst on … Read more

Wedding Business Survey results – 2014

Wedding Business Survey results - 2014

Last month we ran a short survey among our readers and asked you about your business, how long you’d been trading and your best marketing activities. The results are in, so this week we wanted to share some of the things you told us. About You A wide range of different businesses completed the survey … Read more

How to get killer testimonials for your wedding business

killer testimonials

Your website is filled with stunning images. Your designs are gorgeous. Every bride who sees them falls in love with them. She wants them badly. But she’s also asking herself one little question….. “Can I trust this supplier to deliver for my big day?” That’s where testimonials come in. We all know how powerful recommendations … Read more