New wave wedding vendors – 5 new types of wedding business

There’s something very traditional about weddings. With customs and etiquette that have been passed down through the generations.

But the wedding industry is also incredibly innovative – adapting to changes in fashion, lifestyles and society with speed and creativity. Every year we see new trends and new types of wedding services appear. Some burst on the scene only to disappear again just as quickly. Others are here to stay.

It’s nearly 12 years since I started my first wedding business, so I thought it would be fun to look at some of the wedding businesses which simply didn’t exist back then.

The Wedding Blog

Without doubt the rise and rise of the wedding blog has had a huge impact on the wedding industry. Now brides to be can browse real wedding details to their hearts’ content. Get advice, find suppliers and come up with creative ideas for their own weddings. Blogs have pushed the boundaries and encouraged couples to be individual.

And blogging has become a business. What started as a hobby for many has now developed into a full time career.


The thing I love about the blogs is that so many of them are refreshing and outspoken – keeping suppliers on their toes and pushing out mediocrity.

Without them I doubt we would have seen so much innovation in such a short time.

The Marquee gets a Makeover

Move over the traditional marquee. These days think Yurts, Tipis and even circus tents. The huge popularity of festivals and glamping has spilled over into weddings and now canvas is not just about adding extra space – it’s about bringing a unique feel to the whole day.

Photo courtesy of Peak Tipis
Photo courtesy of Peak Tipis and Mel Cowell photography

And to provide them are a new breed of specialist hire companies likeĀ  Peaktipis and PapaKata.

Street Food Vendors

The festival influence has reached reception food too, with an explosion of street food vendors available to hire for the big day. Traditional ice-cream vans, pizza ovens, and for those of us in Britain, of course, Fish and Chips.

Or how about this travelling Tea Room from the Thirstea Co?

Photo by Anthony Greenwood Photography
Photo by Anthony Greenwood Photography

Wedding Writer

With so many advances in technology, it’s perhaps a surprise that one of my choices goes back to a more old-fashioned skill – writing.

I first heard about Wedding Reporter Emma Woodhouse in 2012 when I read this profile on Love My Dress

Emma’s story really captures what I love about the wedding industry – following a passion and making a business from it.

So glad to see Emma is still thriving today.

Brooch bouquets

Now I’m passionate about flowers and there was no way I would have considered anything other than fresh flowers for my bouquet.

But then I’m not a hay fever sufferer.

And when I see the dazzling array of alternative bouquets available today – like this one from Debbie Carlisle, well, even I might be tempted.

Photo courtesy of Debbie Carlisle
Photo courtesy of Debbie Carlisle

These are just my favourites – there are lot’s more new and original ideas from the past decade. What will be next? Will you have the next big idea?

If you have an innovative wedding business pop over to our Facebook page and let us know and we’ll put together our favourites in a future feature.