Are you a Social Media Dabbler?

When it comes to marketing your wedding business with social media there are so many options. And it changes constantly – the established players adding new features, new platforms emerging. The add in all the “gurus” dispensing advice and telling you “You must be on……..” (fill in the blank with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or whatever the latest Big Thing is). It can leave you completely overwhelmed.

As a result, many businesses just end up dabbling in social media rather than developing a clear strategy and action plan.

10 warning signs that you are not taking social media seriously

Are you a Dabbler?

Here are 10 warning signs that you are dabbling rather than marketing effectively:

You post whatever comes into your head whenever you get a free moment

You have set up a profile on just about every social network there is (but hardly ever post on most of them)

You auto-post the same thing across each social network

Most of your posts are sales messages

You hit the “Boost Post” button on Facebook once in a while – just to see what happens

Your posts rarely receive any comments

You seldom share, retweet or comment on anyone else’s posts

You don’t measure the time you spend on social media

You don’t measure key social indicators (FB post reach, Engagement, Re-Tweets, website visits)

You don’t measure enquiries and sales generated

Taking social media seriously

Those businesses using social media for marketing effectively have a strategy, an action plan and continually test and measure what they do.

They don’t try to be everywhere but have selected the platforms their target customers use and concentrate on those.

They follow a plan of consistent, regular activity.

They use social media to build relationships rather than to advertise.

They think carefully about the content they share and continually listen to their fans to understand what they want.

They know how much (time or money) they invest in social media and understand the return they get from it (even if this isn’t direct sales).

Work out your strategy

You don’t have to use social media as a big part of driving sales. You may simply wish to maintain a presence because your customers expect it. And that’s fine. But understanding what you want to achieve – and then creating a plan and sticking to it – will ensure you spend your time effectively and get the results you want.

Here’s how to create a strategy for your social media


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  1. Oh I’ve been so guilty of this. It’s the old adage, “The cobblers children have no shoes.” I’ve consulted many small businesses with their editorial strategy for content and social media and I have been known to totally flake out on social. Thanks for the gentle, but inspired reminder 😉

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