Why should brides buy from you?

Marketing people used to talk endlessly about your USP – Unique Selling Point (or Unique Selling Proposition). It’s a term that’s gone out a fashion a little bit these days – trying to define what’s truly unique about your product or service is tricky.

But the principle behind the phrase is still important – you need to understand (and be able to articulate) the reasons brides should buy from you rather than someone else.

It has to be more than things like “great customer service” – that’s pretty much a given these days, or at least it should be.

And promoting yourself as the cheapest is often not a great selling point. Brides may say they want “cheap” (and they certainly search for it on Google) but really they are more concerned about value. If you compete on price alone then it can be very hard to build a profitable business.

So what sets you apart?

It can be your unique designs

If you do bespoke work (jewellery, stationery etc) it may be because you’re brilliant at taking vague ideas and creating something gorgeous that your clients love.

It could be that your dress boutique really understands how to make any shape or size bride look fantastic.

Sometimes it’s a combination, a mix of fabulousness and affordability for example.

Personality is important

Often it simply comes down to you – your personality, your passion for what you do and the commitment you make to your clients. Don’t underestimate this – people like to do business with people they like.

A bride is going to be spending a big chunk of her special day with the photographer – she’ll want to pick someone who really puts her at ease and ensures the whole process is enjoyable for everyone – as well as making her look great.

You may stock the most gorgeous designer dresses in town but if brides feel pressured and humiliated they’ll go elsewhere (and tell their friends).

So think about what it is that YOU do that makes your business special.

Use this in your marketing

Once you’ve defined what it is you offer that makes you the best, then you need to use it in your marketing.

Doesn’t “Expert in ensuring the dance floor stays busy from the first dance to the last.” Sound so much better than “Experienced DJ based in Manchester”?

Make sure that message comes across on your website, in your brochure and through your social media. Bring it into the conversation when meeting potential clients at wedding fairs or consultations.

And, of course, deliver on your promise through everything you do.