SEO for your Wedding Business Part 4 – Action

In the first 3 articles in our series about SEO for your wedding business we looked at the different elements and all the things you need to do to improve the number of enquiries you get through Google. In the last part of our series, we’re going to look at HOW to tackle SEO and improve your website’s search rankings.

We covered a LOT of things. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed then you are not alone. Many business owners don’t even try SEO. They decide it’s too complicated, too mysterious and too much like hard work. Which is good news for those who DO make the effort.

If you can find 2 hours a week to devote to SEO, then you can do it.

And it is important to allocate regular time in your schedule to work on SEO. It takes time and persistence to see results, so doing a little every week will make it manageable.

To make it easier for you, we’ve created this action list. Each activity is broken down into bite-sized tasks.

There are 2 sections – the first for the one-off tasks you need to start and then the ongoing activities which will gradually improve your website authority.

One-off tasks

Laying the foundations

Do these steps first to make sure you are properly prepared and are optimising for the right things.

  • Use the Google keyword planner to identify possible keywords
  • Run searches for different keywords to see what type of search results come up and who ranks well (make sure you are logged out of Google and preferably run depersonalised searches)
  • Check out the competition
  • Find out how to update your website SEO data
  • Pull together your spreadsheet of target key phrases

Optimising your website.

  • Review the pages on your website and decide if you need additional or different pages
  • Create meta title and description tags for your main web pages.
  • Update your web pages with text that engages with prospective customers while including your target keywords
  • Add tags to your best images

Link Building preparation

  • Brainstorm ideas for your own blog.
  • Refresh your social media profiles
  • Add a blog to your website
  • Create a blog schedule
  • Create a list of outreach contacts – people who might offer you a change to guest blog or who might collaborate on a blog post or share your blog articles

An action plan for wedding business owners to manage your own search optimisation

Regular tasks

Do all of these regularly and not only will your search rankings improve, but you’ll also grow your social media following, build your network and increase awareness of your business.


  • Post updates on your main social media profiles
  • Check your outreach contacts for opportunities to share their content (important for building relationships). Twitter lists are great for this.


  • Contact 5 outreach contacts
  • Work on content for outreach projects (mood boards, collaborations, guest articles, PR)


  • Write article for your own blog
  • Create graphics for promoting your blog articles on social media
  • Update your list of outreach contacts

3 Monthly

  • Research opportunities for guest blogging
  • Update your blog schedule

While it’s important to monitor your results, don’t become too obsessed about checking your website visitor stats or Google rankings. It’s likely to take several months before you start to see any effect – and it can take longer. But the rewards can be amazing with a steady flow of enquiries for your business.


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