Radio: How to grasp an opportunity for free promotion

Last week my friend Rachael managed to get herself onto national Radio (The Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2). Not only did she give out some great advice, she established herself as someone who really knows what she’s talking about and got a great plug for her business (she trains small businesses in credit control).

Rachael’s written about her experience on her blog and emphasised how this opportunity came about because of the friends she’d made through networking.

But it’s also a great story about recognising an opportunity and grabbing it. She picked up the phone and went for it.

So often in business it’s the things we DON’T do that hold us back.

The other lesson from Rachael’s experience is that radio offers some terrific free marketing opportunities and it can be very easy to get on there. Many shows nowadays encourage listeners to call in. And they also look for experts they can call on when discussing particular topics. There’s no reason why YOU shouldn’t be that expert when it comes to weddings or running a small business.

Here’s a few ways you can be prepared to grab an opportunity:

Build your contacts

Follow local (and national) radio presenters on Twitter – they will usually tweet their discussion topics before or at the start of their show.

Recognise opportunities

If a wedding related news story breaks, chances are radio shows will discuss it. Jot down a few ideas and if possible come up with an original angle or talking point – and get in touch. But it doesn’t just need to be wedding related. Small business is big news right now and there are lots of ways you can contribute.

Be prepared

Producers and journalists will search online for experts to appear on their programmes. So make sure your website and social media profiles are up-to-date. A good LinkedIn profile can be really useful here. Having a blog and contributing to other blogs also helps raise your profile and ensure you are found more easily.


Once you’ve made your appearance, don’t stop there. Create an audio clip from the recording of the show and pop it on your website. Share on social media. Blog about it. Use it to build your credibility. It could open up a whole new world of opportunities.