Investing in Yourself. Profile – Chris Scott Photography

Chris-ScottDundee based photographer Chris Scott combines his passion for photographing weddings with commercial work. His stand out style and obvious talent shine out from his photos but Chris also understands the need to keep developing skills and market his business.

Here’s Chris’s story:

How did you get started?

Dundee is a very creative city, so I started doing films as an actor, then liked the cameras they used to shoot with…Started with a point and shoot, people used to comment on the pictures. Then went to a bridging camera and people started following my picts and asking for prints so decided to go and get a proper SLR and haven’t looked back. Mainly street photography and landscapes.

I then assisted a professional photographer, mainly carrying equipment, setting up lights etc, learning all the time. Then was second shooter at a wedding with him a couple of times, then made the jump and did my first solo.

Why did you choose this particular business?

I chose the wedding business as I love to photograph people. Love to capture moments in time that can never be relived and let the pictures tell a story. I thought weddings could be a great way of combining my passion for this, into their special day. The reactions, when I deliver the bride and grooms images is truly awesome. This may sound silly, I have such a good relationship with my clients, I feel, when I’m there on the day, It’s my big day too.


Can you describe a typical working day?

Up early, gym (training and looking after yourself is really important) Morning is calling time, getting my name out there. Lunchtime is sending follow up emails and afternoon into early evening is edit time and answering new enquires.. Late evening is more editing and sending invoices etc. In between I meet clients, suppliers and answering enquires and of course taking photos.


How do your customers find you?

As I mentioned, Dundee is an extremely creative city, with fantastic networking between the creative’s. Mainly word of mouth initially, recommendations etc. Having exhibitions in coffee shops and Cafe bar/restaurants. Social networking has been huge, and people really seem to like my stand out style. Recently a lot of commercial work through Google. I’ve invested heavily into the website and my SEO ensuring I am on the ball with that.. I use the top SEO guy in photography for that. Alan Hutchison, he’s a magic man.. Had a fantastic ROI since using his services.


What’s been your best moment so far?

Cracking wedding at The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. Was an awesome event. Sabrina Washington from Mis-Teeq was there. Truly an amazing wedding. I blogged it actually

And the worst?

Outside wedding and it lashed of rain all day. Felt so bad for the B&G as they had their heart set on it being outside. Plan B indoors was awful decor, roof to ceiling naval red and just awful place to photograph. I offered the b&g another shoot another day, but they seemed happy enough.


Anything you wish you had known when you started?

Yes, how to be a whizz at Photoshop. It’s such a powerful tool and I have barely scratched the surface.

What’s your biggest challenge going forward?

I suppose keeping the momentum going. Keeping that one step ahead of my local competitors in regards to innovation and trying new things. Also to keep ahead of social networking and the changes in SEO that happen.


Do you have a top tip for someone starting out in the wedding business?

A few, Don’t think because you can take a photo, you can do weddings. Its so dynamic and you need to be on the ball the whole time.

Assist, Assist, Assist, then Second shoot over and over and over again until you feel you are comfy doing one on your own.

Most importantly, have the right equipment, back ups, etc. Also invest in yourself. Do 1-1 workshops with the people you admire in the industry. It’ll pay for itself 10 fold.

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