How to get killer testimonials for your wedding business

Your website is filled with stunning images. Your designs are gorgeous. Every bride who sees them falls in love with them. She wants them badly. But she’s also asking herself one little question…..

“Can I trust this supplier to deliver for my big day?”

That’s where testimonials come in.

We all know how powerful recommendations can be. Every bride to be will ask her family, colleagues, friends and Facebook buddies for their recommended suppliers.

But sometimes personal recommendations aren’t suitable. Or they are already booked. And then she’ll start browsing and looking for her dream cake/dress/stationery/planner.

With great feedback from previous customers on your site, you start building confidence and ensure that she’ll pick up the phone or click send on her email.

You need to ask for testimonials

Once in a while the most perfect testimonial may arrive in your inbox.

But instead of leaving it to chance, it’s better to ask.

So make it part of your routine to contact every client after the event.

Plus, if everything wasn’t exactly as the client expected, it’s good to get that feedback so you can learn for next time.

How to ask for and receive great testimonials that will boost your sales

Get the right kind of testimonials

The best testimonials don’t just say how wonderful you are. They explain why you are wonderful and answer some of those questions potential clients have.

So, instead of simply asking “Could you write me a testimonial?” give the client some help and ask them to answer a few questions. For example:

  • why did you choose me?
  • did you have any concerns before you chose me?
  • did you find my service good value for money?
  • what was the best thing about my service?
  • would you recommend me to your friends?

This not only gives you some great insights and usable quotes, but also makes it easy for the client (so they are more likely to do it).

Get creative with testimonials

If you have a blog, why not run a feature on your client’s wedding and work the testimonial into your blog post? You can always extract a key quote or two to put on your testimonials page.

If you can include the names and a photo of the couple from their wedding it will make the testimonial much more personal and real to those reading it.