End of Season Checklist for your Wedding Business Website

One of the advantages of working in a seasonal industry like weddings is that you do get quiet periods. Times where you can take a breath, catch up and get yourself fit and ready for the next season.

One thing you should definitely schedule every year is an end of season website review and refresh.

So I’ve put together this handy checklist to help you get your website fighting fit for the next 12 months.

1.  Out of Date designs, products & services

Remove any designs, products or services which look dated, don’t sell or which you no longer offer. Don’t leave poor selling items on your website “just in case” – it’s just clutter and distracts from your good stuff.

2. New designs, products & services

Add your latest work – whether it’s new designs you have developed, images from this year’s weddings or new packages.

3. Check dates

Do you have a little copyright message in your website footer with a year? Make sure you update it.

4. Events Listings

If you include details of the wedding fairs or events you are attending, remove past events and add your latest ones.

5. Prices

Are your prices correct? Should you be increasing them?

10 things to check when you review and refresh your wedding business website6. Images

Are all your photos great quality and enticing? Replace any which are not up to standard.

7. Awards & Press Coverage

If you’ve won an award or been featured in the press this year, then add details to your website. Don’t be shy!

8. About page

Is your about page up to date? If you’ve gained 3 more years experience since you last updated it, maybe it’s time for a refresh.

9. Broken links

Go through all your links (whether to external sites or your own pages) and remove or replace any that are broken.

10. Your Blog

When did you last update your blog? If it was some while ago, now is the time to give it some love and start working on new posts. Remember, most blog software will let you schedule posts for publication later, so you don’t need to publish everything at once – spread them out.