Book Review – Wedding Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones

According to the cover blurb, Wedding Babylon, the new book from UK author Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous, lifts the lid on the excesses of the wedding industry.

But don’t expect in depth analysis of how the wedding business works – this is strictly chick-lit. Packed with more froth than a capuccino, it’s basically a collection of anecdotes taken from planners and wedding professionals and packaged together as a week in the life of an up-market London wedding planner.

Although it pokes fun at over the top weddings, it does give some insight into the hard work that goes into creating the “perfect day”. For the most part, the professionals are portrayed as long suffering (with a polite smile) while it’s the brides (and their families) who get the worst of the bitchiness (and there is plenty).

“Hilarious, shocking and thoroughly entertaining” states the inside cover. My verdict – if you are looking for a serious insight into the workings of the wedding industry, this isn’t for you. If you want a lighthearted holiday read and don’t mind reading about weddings on your well-earned break, then give it a go.