Beating Bloggers Block – 10 tips for wedding businesses

Anyone who writes a blog for their wedding business knows that sinking feeling when a new blog post is due but you can’t think of anything to say.

So here are 10 tips for beating bloggers block. 5 ideas for managing your blog writing to avoid last minute panic and 5 short term fixes when you absolutely need to find a topic today.

5 top tips for managing your writing

– keep a blog schedule so you plan in advance the topics you are going to cover.

– keep a notebook handy and jot down ideas as they come to you.

– categorise your blog posts to ensure a mix of subjects and don’t publish articles in the same category all together. So, if you have 3 real life weddings to write up, intersperse these with top tips articles, news items and other topics.

– have a monthly writing session where you prepare several articles at the same time and have them ready to publish. Then keep 1 or 2 articles unpublished ready for the day when you have nothing prepared and have been too busy to write. With a seasonal business like weddings, this is great for keeping your blog updated during the busy period.

– get inspiration from other blogs. This doesn’t mean copying other’s ideas (or worse, stealing their articles) but looking at the type of subjects they are writing about and thinking of ways you could approach this for your business. Choose several business blogs you like but which are in a different industry and follow them.

5 topic ideas for when you are really stuck

  • comment on a current news story
  • Link to an article which inspired you and say why you liked it
  • review a book you’ve just read, recipe you’ve tried or music you love
  • write a “day in the life….” type article
  • write a profile of another wedding industry professional you’ve worked with or whose work you admire.

… get the idea. Hopefully now you’ve started thinking you’ll have lots more ideas buzzing – grab that notebook and jot them down now before you forget!