Are your website photos letting you down?

Successful online businesses know that great photographs are what really make your customer WANT to buy. And these days, every business has to be online.

But I still see many wedding suppliers who let themselves down with poor quality images on their website.

Your website is your shop window – and nobody wants to buy from a shop with dirty windows and dusty products.

First impressions are vital. When someone lands on your website you only have a few seconds to grab their attention. And it’s images which people see first. If yours are blurred, badly lit or just boring, those potential customers won’t be taking the next step, they’ll be going straight for the back button.

Create desire

Style is everything in the wedding industry so make sure you have beautiful creative shots to show off your product or service. The right photo can tap into emotions and create that feeling of desire in the brides and grooms who visit your site.

Show off the details

If you sell products online – e.g. jewellery, silk flowers, stationery – you will need item photos. They need to be clear, close up to show off the details and let customers see what they are buying. These should be shot against a neutral background although it doesn’t need to be plain white – items like jewellery often look better against textured backgrounds like wood, fabric or slate.

Be professional

Professional photos really make all the difference. If your own photography isn’t professional standard then don’t think you can get away with a few snaps on your mobile. However good your phone’s camera is, it won’t make up for poor technique. A professional photographer will know all the tricks for lighting and editing and can create beautifully styled shots.


So take a few minutes to look critically at your website photos. Are they really fabulous? Or just OK?

The right photographs will make all the difference to your sales.