10 Wedding business blog article ideas

You’ve probably been told that having a blog is a good idea for your wedding business – and it is! For a start Google loves websites which are updated regularly and have lots of great pages (e.g. ones people like to share on social media). And, of course, it’s a great way for you to showcase your skills and talent and let your prospective clients get to know more about you.

But what do you write about? After all, there are hundreds of wedding blogs out there – what’s going to make yours stand out? The trick is to keep it focussed on you and your business – but without it turning into constant sales pitch.

10 articles ideas for your wedding business blog

Here are 10 ideas for articles…..

1. Tell the stories of customers using your product

Real wedding stories are always popular on the big wedding blogs, but for your business blog you can take a slightly different approach and focus mainly on your product or service. Try using a Q&A style, asking why they choose you, what they liked about the design/product they chose, how it fitted into the rest of their day.

2. Share something business related that happened to you recently.

If you’ve been nominated for an award, featured in the press or simply reached a business birthday, don’t forget to shout about it.

3. A mood board showing your product with coordinating items from other suppliers

Moodboards are always popular and they can be a great way to show how your product can work with others to create an overall look. Make sure you have permission from the other suppliers to use their photos and credit them in the text. Chances are they will also share with their social media followers giving you all extra exposure.

4. Video tour of your office, shop or studio

It’s good to have a mix of formats on your blog and adding a video is another way to appeal to a wide audience. A “behind the scenes” look at your business can build trust and help people get to know you. It doesn’t need to be super slick or even very long.

5. A Diary of a wedding day

If you are a supplier who works on the wedding day itself – a planner, photographer, florist etc – then a behind the scenes diary of the day from your perspective gives another way to showcase what you do (and help show potential clients just how much hard work goes into the day).

6. A Day in the Life

There’s a reason these kinds of features are so prevalent in magazines – people love to read them. Let people know all the different things you do in a typical day.

7. Detailed look at how you work

Show the story of your product in words and pictures. This works really well for wedding vendors like florists, jewellery makers, stationers who can show their designs from start to finish.

8. Talk about a personal experience …

… and how that has affected the way you do business. Remember that people buy from people. So while you don’t want your blog to be all about you, sharing your experience helps people relate to you.

9. How you get your inspiration

What inspires you? Nature? Colours? The true geniuses of your craft? Write about how you generate ideas and develop them into a finished product.

10. Get the look

Tap into the buzz around celebrity weddings by showing how any couple can achieve the same look. And if you can use your own products – all the better.


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