How to create the right impression through your website

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools. Whether your clients find you via Google, Social Media or Wedding Fairs at some point they will visit your website. It’s got to attract the right customers – and get them to make a booking. Look Good First impressions count – a lot. Your website … Read more

End of Season Checklist for your Wedding Business Website

10 things to review and refresh on your wedding business website

One of the advantages of working in a seasonal industry like weddings is that you do get quiet periods. Times where you can take a breath, catch up and get yourself fit and ready for the next season. One thing you should definitely schedule every year is an end of season website review and refresh. … Read more

Get that pop-up off your wedding website!

Pop-ups seem to be everywhere these days. You can’t go onto a website without a little box bouncing up in your face asking you to sign up for something. It used to be mostly blogs that used them but I’ve seen a worrying trend among wedding business websites to welcome you with a pop-up and … Read more

It’s All About You – Creating a Fabulous About Page

When it comes to selecting wedding suppliers, couples are not just buying a product or service – they are choosing the people too. And that’s why the About page on your website is one of the most important. A great About Me/Us page lets people get to know you, like you and want you to … Read more

Choosing a website for your wedding business

Your website will be one of the most important assets for your wedding business.  Whether you choose to promote your business mainly online through Google and Social Media or offline via wedding fairs and networking, at some point your potential customers will want to check out your website. So it’s vital that you make the … Read more

Google Analytics: Essential guide for Wedding Businesses

What is Google Analytics? Analytics is a free tool from Google which lets you analyse your website visitors – how they found your site, how long they spent, where they come from and loads more. Over the years, Google have added more and more features to Analytics making it incredibly powerful. However, this can make … Read more

Are your website photos letting you down?

Successful online businesses know that great photographs are what really make your customer WANT to buy. And these days, every business has to be online. But I still see many wedding suppliers who let themselves down with poor quality images on their website. Your website is your shop window – and nobody wants to buy … Read more

7 common website mistakes – is your wedding business guilty?

A great website is just about your most important marketing tool. Whatever marketing activities you are using, at some point most of your clients and contacts will visit – and will judge you on – your website. It’s your online brochure, it’s the place to showcase your skills and it’s the key tool around which … Read more

Keeping your wedding business website up to date

These days a great looking website is a must for any business and a wedding business is no exception. Today’s brides and grooms are extremely internet savvy and do much of their wedding planning online. Have you had a critical look at your site recently? Is it looking a bit tired or outdated? Here are 5 … Read more

Your Wedding Business Website – 5 essential elements

You know that your website is key to successfully marketing your business. Today’s brides and grooms are highly internet savvy and use the web as a key planning tool. Even if they hear about you “offline” at fairs or in a magazine, you can be sure they will be checking your details on your website. … Read more