7 Ways to stay up to date with wedding industry trends

I’ve just been helping a client put together their predictions for wedding trends in 2017. Which always gets me thinking about what will be “big” and what will drift out of fashion. Within the wedding industry trends come and go and it’s vital that you keep up to date with what’s happening so that your … Read more

New Wedding Trend or just a Fad?

New wedding trend or just a fab?

Having taken a few months off from the wedding industry recently, it’s fascinating to see what’s new, what’s changed – and what hasn’t. It got me looking further back to all the changes I’ve seen over the years, which of the “latest trends” stayed the distance and which sunk quickly without a trace. The experts … Read more

Keeping Up With Wedding Industry Trends

In the wedding industry it’s vital to keep up to date with trends and to keep one eye on the future. While all things vintage may be hot right now, you can be certain that in a couple of years, it will be something different. Make sure that you are not left behind and that … Read more