Embrace the Dream: The Rewarding Journey of Becoming a Wedding Planner

Do you find yourself captivated by the enchantment of weddings, the meticulous details that create the magical ambiance, and the joyous celebration of love? If so, the exciting and fulfilling profession of a wedding planner could be your calling. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the journey towards becoming a successful wedding planner in … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Building Effective Partnerships with Wedding Venues

In the realm of wedding planning, fostering strategic partnerships with wedding venues can significantly propel your business to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer in the industry, forming alliances with venues can provide you with invaluable credibility and a steady stream of client referrals. An Overview In the wedding planning industry, … Read more

Why too many clients is just as bad as too few

When you are just starting out in your wedding business it’s easy to Yes to everyone. You worry about finding clients, you don’t know if enquiries will keep coming in and you are scared to turn away business. As a result, countless new businesses end up with too many clients. And when you have too … Read more

Mindful Time Management – How to beat stress and get organised

As a small business owner, time is one of the most valuable commodities. I’m always keen to learn new techniques to help me manage both my time and myself! So I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from Jo Howarth who runs a company called The Happiness Club. Her job is to teach people … Read more

It’s great to plan – but don’t forget to DO!

It’s the start of a New Year. The time we set our business and personal goals – and make resolutions to do better! And if you’re a sucker for pretty stationery (like me!) you’ve probably bought a nice, shiny planner and have spent a fair amount of time over the festive period writing in goals, … Read more

Running a Wedding Business Part Time – Wiskow & White

Danielle Wiskow and Lucy White launched their wedding planning business, Wiskow & White, in January 2015 offering a bespoke service for destination weddings in Italy. Both combine running their wedding business with full-time employment – an amazing feat of organisation! Lucy tells us how she manages it: How we started Danielle Wiskow and I met … Read more

When your Wedding Business gets Boring

It’s the one thing they don’t tell you about running your own wedding business – sometimes you are going to be bored. Yup, it’s not all fun, creativity and excitement. As the business owner you also have to deal with the dull stuff. The finances, contracts, contacting people who don’t return your calls and my … Read more

Social Media Automation – Help or Hazard?

Should you automate your social media? Nothing polarises social media “gurus” more than the topic of automation. On the one hand there are the purists who believe automation is the root of all evil – all posts should be done by a real person in real time. On the other there are the marketers who … Read more

5 Online productivity tools for your wedding business

Cloud based computing – where software and applications are available over the Internet – has transformed business. And for small businesses the benefits are massive. Now the smallest enterprise can access the same computing tools that were previously only affordable by large companies. From accounting to graphics. Social media management to time sheets. The chances … Read more

I halved my to-do list in one afternoon

Sunday is the day I generally catch up on work. I’ve been working a lot of Sundays recently. March has been a brilliant month for me, with some great new clients, some interesting challenges from existing clients plus some exciting possibilities on the horizon. So why was I feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted? One glimpse … Read more