How to Identify the Weak Link in Your Wedding Business

It’s often difficult to apply that third-eye view into your wedding business. We are intimately connected to our creative businesses in a way not commonly found in the corporate market. Most wedding businesses are small, single owner, and self-operated. Our businesses are our bread and butter and we hustle for every success we gain. Creative … Read more

Creating a Social Media Strategy for your Wedding Business

When you’re running a small business social media is everywhere. And there’s no shortage of advice across the internet – all those experts telling you that you MUST be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever their favourite happens to be. Not to mention those success stories telling how a business was built from nothing just … Read more

5 Tips for working with budget brides

There’s plenty of advice out there for wedding businesses who want to work with more “high end brides”. And, of course, that’s a great aspiration – higher margins, more creative scope. But it’s also highly competitive, so don’t overlook the potential of targeting budget brides – after all there are a lot more of them! … Read more

Exit Strategy – What happens when you can’t carry on?

Do you have an exit strategy for your wedding business? Having recently sold my own business, this is something I’ve had to think about a lot recently. I can hear many of you shouting “I’ve only just set up, I’m not thinking about shutting down”.  But, in fact, you don’t need one exit strategy – … Read more