Determining the Price for Your Wedding Planning Services in 2023

As a proficient wedding planner, one of the critical decisions you’ll need to make is how to price your services adequately. This decision can significantly impact your business and your clients’ satisfaction. This comprehensive guide will explore the different pricing models that you can adopt, the factors to consider, and how to evade common pricing … Read more

Why too many clients is just as bad as too few

When you are just starting out in your wedding business it’s easy to Yes to everyone. You worry about finding clients, you don’t know if enquiries will keep coming in and you are scared to turn away business. As a result, countless new businesses end up with too many clients. And when you have too … Read more

Discounting your Wedding Services? Read this first!

Discount – it’s a dirty word for small business owners. But it’s one that most of us hear every week. When I ran my wedding stationery supplies business it was a frequent question. From “do you offer discounts for military personnel?” to “is that your best price?”. “No” and “Yes” were our standard answers! Just … Read more

Pricing Yourself Right as a Wedding Professional

Pricing is one of those topics we all struggle with. So I’m delighted to bring you this guest post from videographer Stuart Kinghorn on how to set your prices and charge what you are worth. He also tackles the tricky “should I put prices on my website” question! Over to Stuart…… It’s no secret that … Read more

7 Signs you should be increasing your prices

7 signs you need to increase prices in your wedding business and charge what you are worth

Are you scared of raising your prices? Worried that all your customers will disappear? Read too many “wedding rip-off stories”? While there may be a few wedding suppliers who charge extortionate rates for poor quality service, the vast majority of the wedding businesses I meet are offering incredible value for money and are frequently undercharging. … Read more

4 Ways to increase your wedding business profits

Increase your wedding business profits

However much we love what we do, ultimately we are in business to make a profit so we can pay the bills and enjoy the lifestyle we want. If you are struggling to make enough from your wedding business, here are four areas to look at in order to increase your profits. Find more clients … Read more

When price is the first question they ask

We’ve all experienced it. The one line email asking “How much do you charge?” or the person who wanders up to your stand at a wedding fair and starts the conversation with the same question. It sometimes seems that the only thing brides and grooms care about is how much their wedding is going to … Read more

5 Tips for working with budget brides

There’s plenty of advice out there for wedding businesses who want to work with more “high end brides”. And, of course, that’s a great aspiration – higher margins, more creative scope. But it’s also highly competitive, so don’t overlook the potential of targeting budget brides – after all there are a lot more of them! … Read more

Pricing your Wedding Services

Pricing your wedding services

Setting your prices is often the most tricky aspect of setting up a wedding business. Start too low and you will be very busy for very little reward. Too high and it will be hard to attract any clients. Either way you will struggle to build a viable business. At the most basic level, there … Read more

How much do you think you are worth?

Have you worked out how much you value yourself recently? If you intend to have a business rather than simply making some money from a hobby, then putting a value on your time is an essential part of your pricing and business planning. Creative people frequently underestimate the time and effort involved in creating their … Read more