Knowing my ideal client. Profile of Carmela Weddings

Lisa Johnson is the co-owner of wedding planners Carmela Weddings and also owns Just Own This – a coaching company helping women create their own businesses that they love. She tells us how really focusing on her ideal clients has transformed her business and shares her top tips for anyone starting out in the wedding … Read more

Communicating effectively with your wedding clients

Claire Ady is a wedding planner with an enviable niche – she plans weddings in Central Park, New York! Her clients come from all over the world so communication is vital. Here she shares her top tips for effective and efficient communication. Over to Claire: In January of 2011 I moved from my home in … Read more

It’s great to plan – but don’t forget to DO!

It’s the start of a New Year. The time we set our business and personal goals – and make resolutions to do better! And if you’re a sucker for pretty stationery (like me!) you’ve probably bought a nice, shiny planner and have spent a fair amount of time over the festive period writing in goals, … Read more

Why you need a marketing plan for your wedding business

I’m pretty good at planning and organising, but I must admit the thought of writing a marketing plan does not fill me with excitement. But I do one every year (and have done since I became self-employed in 2002) because I know just how important it is. 5 reasons you need a marketing plan 1. … Read more

Running a Wedding Business Part Time – Wiskow & White

Danielle Wiskow and Lucy White launched their wedding planning business, Wiskow & White, in January 2015 offering a bespoke service for destination weddings in Italy. Both combine running their wedding business with full-time employment – an amazing feat of organisation! Lucy tells us how she manages it: How we started Danielle Wiskow and I met … Read more

Making decisions in a time of uncertainty

Here in the UK it’s been a momentous couple of weeks with the referendum on EU membership resulting in an unexpected victory for the Leave campaign. So unexpected that it’s clear the government had no plans for what would happen next. The prime minister is stepping down, the opposition are in a state of disarray … Read more

My first year as a wedding planner – Chantilly Rose

Christina Barker set up Chantilly Rose Weddings & Events after a relocation and a chance meeting with a Facebook contact. Here she shares what she’s learnt in her first year as a wedding planner – a business that many dream of but which is difficult to establish. Over to Christina….. What were you doing before? … Read more

When Life throws a banana skin in your path…..

At the end of last year I wrote an article about setting goals for your business. I was a good girl and worked my way through my goal setting workbook and set some nice stretching targets for myself. And for 3 months everything was going nicely. Yes, I had some challenges. Some things were going … Read more

Setting a Marketing Budget for your Wedding Business

How much should you spend on Marketing? It’s the question that’s asked so often. And one that’s very hard to answer. For any kind of business to succeed, you have to let people know you exist. Which means marketing. Marketing should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost. In the long term the … Read more

7 Mistakes that mean your business goals will fail

With the start of a New Year comes lots of advice on setting goals for your business. Everyone talks about the importance of goal setting and they pull out the statistics that tell you that people who set goals are a billion times more successful than those who don’t (I may be exaggerating here slightly…..). … Read more