The (non) Death of Wedding Fairs

Just about every year I read something about the demise of wedding fairs and whether they are still worthwhile for suppliers in this age of social media. But don’t write off wedding fairs just yet. Used well they can be one of your most effective marketing options. Here’s how to get the most from wedding … Read more

Marketing not working? Try this 7 step marketing audit

Marketing your wedding business can be frustrating. Putting in lots of effort but just not getting results. It’s especially disheartening when you see other business owners claiming to be booked solid all year through Facebook/Instagram/Networking. Especially if you are trying the same things and getting nowhere. Firstly, remember that what you see on social media … Read more

5 Reasons Couples are not buying from You

You’re talented, you offer a great product or service and you’re putting loads of effort into marketing your wedding business. But nobody is buying. The phone is silent and your email inbox is all spam and no enquiries. It’s so demoralizing when you’ve worked so hard. But don’t give up – you may only be … Read more

Why you need a marketing plan for your wedding business

I’m pretty good at planning and organising, but I must admit the thought of writing a marketing plan does not fill me with excitement. But I do one every year (and have done since I became self-employed in 2002) because I know just how important it is. 5 reasons you need a marketing plan 1. … Read more

Remarketing – beginners guide for wedding businesses.

Remarketing (or Retargeting) is one of the latest buzzwords around online marketing. But what exactly is it – and is it relevant for your wedding business? Even if you haven’t heard about remarketing, you’ll certainly have seen it in action. Noticed how some businesses seem to follow you all everywhere you go on the internet? … Read more

Informal Networking – 5 Ways to build your contacts

Informal networking for wedding professionals

In a previous article we talked about the benefits of networking for wedding professionals and how to make the most of networking meetings and events. But networking doesn’t have to mean going to meetings – there are lots of ways you can network informally. Here are 5 ways to grow your contact list and get … Read more

Are you a Social Media Dabbler?

When it comes to marketing your wedding business with social media there are so many options. And it changes constantly – the established players adding new features, new platforms emerging. The add in all the “gurus” dispensing advice and telling you “You must be on……..” (fill in the blank with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or whatever the latest … Read more

Networking Meetings – 9 top tips for wedding pros

Networking. Does that word conjure up thoughts of scary business people in power suits? “Working the room” as they go from person to person telling everyone how great they are? Forget that. Networking is just meeting people. And done well, it’s one of the most powerful ways to build a successful wedding business. Why is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to getting featured on Wedding Blogs

Get your business featured on wedding blogs

For many brides and grooms, Wedding Blogs are where they start planning their big day. For wedding businesses they represent an opportunity to showcase their products and services. And it’s not just the exposure – getting links to your website from blogs helps your search optimisation too. There are lots of benefits, but it’s not … Read more

Your wedding business brand (and do you know what it is?)

When we talk about “Brands” we tend to think about the famous names – Coca-Cola, Apple, Rolex. But even the smallest business has a brand – even if many of them are unaware of it! This definition of brand is from the Tronvig Group and I think it works well for small businesses: “what sticks … Read more