Embrace the Dream: The Rewarding Journey of Becoming a Wedding Planner

Do you find yourself captivated by the enchantment of weddings, the meticulous details that create the magical ambiance, and the joyous celebration of love? If so, the exciting and fulfilling profession of a wedding planner could be your calling. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the journey towards becoming a successful wedding planner in … Read more

Styled Wedding Shoots for Beginners

This is a transcript of a Live Question & Answer session. You can view the recording in our Facebook group, The Wedding Business Success Hub A few years ago nobody had ever heard of styled wedding shoots. Now they have become an important part of marketing for many wedding professionals. So what exactly are they, … Read more

5 Ways to get great results from your wedding business blog

You know that a blog is good for your wedding business – it helps your Google rankings and allows you to showcase your talent and personality so that brides want to book you for their wedding. But to get those results you do need to do it well. So here are 5 top tips to … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to getting featured on Wedding Blogs

Get your business featured on wedding blogs

For many brides and grooms, Wedding Blogs are where they start planning their big day. For wedding businesses they represent an opportunity to showcase their products and services. And it’s not just the exposure – getting links to your website from blogs helps your search optimisation too. There are lots of benefits, but it’s not … Read more

Why blogging is important – and 7 tips for success

Let’s face it, writing a blog is hard work. Especially when you’ve got a business to run. Many small business owners start off writing a blog (because they’ve been told they should) but give up when they get busy or run out of things to say. And with so many blog articles and websites out … Read more

10 Wedding business blog article ideas

You’ve probably been told that having a blog is a good idea for your wedding business – and it is! For a start Google loves websites which are updated regularly and have lots of great pages (e.g. ones people like to share on social media). And, of course, it’s a great way for you to … Read more

What software should I use for my wedding business blog?

So you’ve decided to start a blog for your wedding business. Great! – blogging is one of the best things you can do to build a strong  online presence. But before you start on your first article, you need to find a home for your blog. Choosing a platform for your blog is an important … Read more

Advertising your Wedding Business Online

advertising your wedding business online

There’s lots you can do to promote your business online without it costing anything except your time. But time is also a precious resource and you need to spend it as wisely as you do your cash, so it’s always worth considering paid advertising options too. Here’s an overview of the main options: Paid Search. … Read more

Best Blogs by Wedding Businesses 2012 – Runners Up

Earlier this month we brought you our Top Ten blogs by wedding businesses. There were loads of brilliant blogs which just missed the top ten by a whisker. So here are the 15 runners up – still great blogs and worth checking out if you want inspiration for your own blog. Florists: Green Parlour Mood … Read more

The Best Blogs by Wedding Businesses 2012 – Top 10

Late last year we announced our search for the best blogs written by wedding businesses. Many thanks to everyone who nominated blogs for us to look at – after many hours of sifting, we’ve come up with our favourites. And here they are…… Our top 10 (in alphabetical order):   Allison Barnhill Designs What we … Read more