How to Attract the Perfect Clients for Your Wedding Planning Business

As a wedding planner, your clients are not just the individuals who finance your business operations but also an integral part of your business family. You will often find yourself emotionally invested in their success, laughing with them, celebrating with them, and digging deep into the details to ensure their dream wedding comes to life. … Read more

Embrace the Dream: The Rewarding Journey of Becoming a Wedding Planner

Do you find yourself captivated by the enchantment of weddings, the meticulous details that create the magical ambiance, and the joyous celebration of love? If so, the exciting and fulfilling profession of a wedding planner could be your calling. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of the journey towards becoming a successful wedding planner in … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Building Effective Partnerships with Wedding Venues

In the realm of wedding planning, fostering strategic partnerships with wedding venues can significantly propel your business to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer in the industry, forming alliances with venues can provide you with invaluable credibility and a steady stream of client referrals. An Overview In the wedding planning industry, … Read more

Advertising your wedding business on Instagram

Instagram advertising for wedding businesses

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks for wedding businesses. The very visual nature of the platform makes it perfect for those with gorgeousness to capture and share! And if you’re already using Instagram you’ll be aware that you can now advertise there too – you’re bound to have seen promoted content … Read more

Is Wedding Magazine Advertising still relevant?

In the early days of this blog (2009) I wrote this in-depth series of articles on magazine advertising. It’s still the most read post on the blog and the one that brings most new visitors from Google. But is wedding magazine advertising still relevant in this age of Blogs, Facebook and Instagram? How have things … Read more

Advertising on Facebook

Love it or hate it Facebook is still extremely popular with brides to be and offers lots of opportunities for wedding businesses. But it’s changed dramatically over the last year or so and it’s no longer easy for businesses to get noticed without paying. Even the most savvy social media gurus are turning to advertising … Read more

Advertising your Wedding Business Online

advertising your wedding business online

There’s lots you can do to promote your business online without it costing anything except your time. But time is also a precious resource and you need to spend it as wisely as you do your cash, so it’s always worth considering paid advertising options too. Here’s an overview of the main options: Paid Search. … Read more

Wedding Blog Sponsorship – is it a good idea?

We’ve written about magazine advertising in the past, but what about the latest advertising trend – blog sponsorship. What is it, Does it work and should you be including it in your marketing? What it is: Basically, blog sponsorship is online advertising – your advert is placed on the blog and readers can click through … Read more

Advertising in Wedding Magazines – Part 4

In the final part of our series on advertising in wedding magazines we look at how to measure your results. I’m sure you have heard the cliché “We know half of our advertising doesn’t work but we don’t know which half”. If you are going to spend money on print advertising make sure you know … Read more