Using Twitter for Networking

using twitter for networking

Twitter is for much more than blasting out your sales message to brides – it’s a valuable networking tool for anyone in the wedding industry. You can use it to build relationships with other suppliers, find opportunities (photo shoots, guest blogging, last minute bookings) and keep up to date with industry news. Here’s 3 ways … Read more

Help us choose which subjects to write about

Help us choose which subjects to talk about

We’d like to make Wedding Business Success as relevant and useful to our readers as possible. So we’re asking for your help to let us know your main challenges and the subjects you’d like us to write about. Please select the 3 topics you’d most like to see covered in this blog [polldaddy poll=7033020] Many … Read more

Copying – pause before you act.

copying - pause before you act

Copying designs, stealing images and other intellectual property infringements are rife across the creative industries and wedding businesses are no exception. It’s so annoying to see your designs ripped off, photographs passed off as the work of others and/or used on blogs without credit. When you’ve been a victim it’s easy to rush off an … Read more

Pricing your Wedding Services

Pricing your wedding services

Setting your prices is often the most tricky aspect of setting up a wedding business. Start too low and you will be very busy for very little reward. Too high and it will be hard to attract any clients. Either way you will struggle to build a viable business. At the most basic level, there … Read more

New Wedding Trend or just a Fad?

New wedding trend or just a fab?

Having taken a few months off from the wedding industry recently, it’s fascinating to see what’s new, what’s changed – and what hasn’t. It got me looking further back to all the changes I’ve seen over the years, which of the “latest trends” stayed the distance and which sunk quickly without a trace. The experts … Read more

Welcome to the new look Wedding Business Success

It’s taken a while, but we have finally transferred Wedding Business Success to it’s new home. Over the last few months we have had various technical issues, including being hacked several times, so we have had to completely revamp the site and transfer all the articles (over 100). It’s now based in WordPress, instead of … Read more

How to Know If SEO Is Right For Your Wedding Business

There isn’t a wedding professional I’ve spoken to that wouldn’t like to have better rankings in Google. We all realize that the best possible time for brides and grooms to find you is when they are actively looking in search engines. It’s when they are in a true buying frame of mind and most likely … Read more

Working together to increase profits

The world of weddings is usually a friendly place. Most of the suppliers are small business owners who are very happy to make recommendations to brides. The photographer may well recommend a limousine company or the dressmaker will recommend a florist etc. Wedding planners also tend to have a trusted team of suppliers who they … Read more

Getting a wedding business to No1 on Google

no 1 on google

For 7 years I ran a wedding ecommerce business, The Wedding Crafter, starting it in my back bedroom and building it up before selling in April 2011. Key to its success were high ranking on Google searches. We were number one on Google for several of our target generic key phrases such as “Make wedding … Read more

Profile – Moments by Wayne

moments by wayne

This month our featured business is Moments By Wayne. Wayne Gurnick has been involved in the wedding and events industry since 1985 and the way he has grown and adapted his business over the years makes his story a true tale of wedding entrepreneurship.  Larisa, Waynes’s wife, joined the business in 2010 and is taking … Read more