How to get killer testimonials for your wedding business

killer testimonials

Your website is filled with stunning images. Your designs are gorgeous. Every bride who sees them falls in love with them. She wants them badly. But she’s also asking herself one little question….. “Can I trust this supplier to deliver for my big day?” That’s where testimonials come in. We all know how powerful recommendations … Read more

Google Adwords – a beginners guide for wedding businesses

google adwords

You’ve probably seen the adverts from Google about Adwords and how it’s a good way to get more business. Often with a promotional code giving you free advertising to get you started. So is Adwords a good idea for wedding businesses? Here’s our beginners guide with tops tips and some pitfalls to look out for. … Read more

How to Build a Winning Team for your Wedding Business

how to build a winning team

This week, Lisa Forde, owner of stationery business The Card Gallery shares her top tips for building a great team for your business. In June of this year, we’ll be celebrating the 10th birthday of The Card Gallery! It’s only at milestone moments that I really take a moment to consider all that we’ve achieved, … Read more

What software should I use for my wedding business blog?

So you’ve decided to start a blog for your wedding business. Great! – blogging is one of the best things you can do to build a strong  online presence. But before you start on your first article, you need to find a home for your blog. Choosing a platform for your blog is an important … Read more

Future Plans – and a plea for help.

It’s 5 years since I first started writing this blog. I began it at a time when I was still running my DIY stationery business but starting to think about the future and what I might do next. At times it’s been sadly neglected. And, if I’m honest, I’ve always seen it as a hobby … Read more

Putting together a backup plan for your wedding business

back up plan

We don’t like to think about what could go wrong but having a backup plan can mean the difference between your business surviving or going under when the unexpected happens. My disaster In July 2007 my wedding crafts business flooded. We had to move out of our workshop for 4 weeks. Luckily we only lost … Read more

Stop Annoying your Twitter followers – Quick Tip

Stop annoying your twitter followers

I’m all for shortcuts which help save you time with your social media and marketing. But sometimes they can backfire. Have you ever logged into Twitter and seen the whole page taken up with tweets saying “I posted a new photo to Facebook” from one of the people you follow?   Pretty boring and annoying … Read more

Advertising your Wedding Business Online

advertising your wedding business online

There’s lots you can do to promote your business online without it costing anything except your time. But time is also a precious resource and you need to spend it as wisely as you do your cash, so it’s always worth considering paid advertising options too. Here’s an overview of the main options: Paid Search. … Read more

Profile – Lettuce Flowers

Lettuce Flowers

For our latest featured business, we talked to Sushma Windsor of Lettuce Flowers – a florist with a difference! 1.    What does your business do? Lettuce Flowers provides living floral displays for events, weddings and gifts, as an alternative to imported cut flowers. The aromatic flower arrangements are designed using seasonal edible plants – flowers, … Read more

Dealing with unreasonable requests from brides

How to deal with unreasonable brides

Just about every wedding professional I know has a “daft request” story. There’s the unrealistic timescales. Couples who expect to be able to order a multi-tiered cake with just a few days notice. Or who ask a top rated videographer to film their wedding next weekend. And my favourite – the groom to be who … Read more