Need Some Marketing Mojo for Your Wedding Business?

Update: The Wedding Marketing Mojo Club is now here! Click to learn more Calling all wedding business owners! You love your wedding business and want to make a success of it, but how do you get above the noise? How do you stand out as the best wedding business in your niche? Whether you’re delivering … Read more

Undercharging – the big issue for the wedding industry

“One of the biggest issues in the wedding industry is undercharging”. I was chatting to a friend about this blog when I made that statement and she just looked at me in amazement. Like so many of her generation (today’s brides to be), she automatically associated weddings with rip-off prices and overcharging. But when I … Read more

From Golf Caddy to Gift Invitations – My first year in business

In this first of a new series we talk to wedding business owners about their first year in business. This week it’s Jo Harrison, founder of Premurosa which means thoughtful in Italian. What do you do? We create unique invitation gift boxes – invitations which include a gift and can be posted directly through a … Read more

10 Wedding business blog article ideas

You’ve probably been told that having a blog is a good idea for your wedding business – and it is! For a start Google loves websites which are updated regularly and have lots of great pages (e.g. ones people like to share on social media). And, of course, it’s a great way for you to … Read more

Reviews – and why they are good for your wedding business

One year ago I was a newlywed. Now I’m in the market for a pram. Life changes fast – and so has our process for making decisions. Once upon a time, choosing a buggy would have been a simple question of style versus price. But from weight to wheel size, colour to collapsibility, there are … Read more

Trading Trowels for Tipis. Profile – Peaktipis

Matthew and Duncan, two dynamic chaps from a small town on the edge of the Peak District (Ashbourne, Derbyshire) decided to follow their passion in life a few years ago and traded their successful and reputable plastering company to start a tipi hire service in the Wedding industry. We asked Matthew and Duncan to tell … Read more

New wave wedding vendors – 5 new types of wedding business

There’s something very traditional about weddings. With customs and etiquette that have been passed down through the generations. But the wedding industry is also incredibly innovative – adapting to changes in fashion, lifestyles and society with speed and creativity. Every year we see new trends and new types of wedding services appear. Some burst on … Read more

Wedding Business Survey results – 2014

Wedding Business Survey results - 2014

Last month we ran a short survey among our readers and asked you about your business, how long you’d been trading and your best marketing activities. The results are in, so this week we wanted to share some of the things you told us. About You A wide range of different businesses completed the survey … Read more